At around 1408hrs a salon car white in color, approach Links Estate main gate, our guard rise and went to serve them, he approached the driver side, but the driver signal him to speak instead to someone on the back seat. 
So the guard obliged. They pull down the window and signal him to move closer. But the guard refused and asked them, how can he assist them. 
They were 3 of them. The lady in the middle seem to be trying to say something to him, but with difficulty. 
The guard stepped back and told them, there is no way he can helped them if they don't want to explain what they want. 
So the lady request him to move closer, when the guard did, she begged him to move a bit closer, the guard hesitate then he decide to, as he did, she threw some kind of cloth on his face. 
The guard reacted fast, protecting his face. Then he ran very fast while raising the alarm. They left when they notice their plans failed. 
" We responded to the site and after a period about 10 - 12min,the guard felt unconscious, we rush him to hospital and he is currently under going treatment, " said an involved Police officer.

Police Officer photo

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