Maria TV series actor Ronald Ndubi well- known as Victor Hausa acknowledged that he was going together with co-star Dorea Chege aka Maggie and are in hot relationship.

Many Maria TV proponents took to social media to wish the pair the best in life, but some contended Victor was married with two kids, and after enjoining Maggie, he abandoned them.

In a phone call with, Victor rejected the statements, saying that he has never been in an open relationship.

"I was never married before. The alleged kids are not mine. I did an advert with the twins and I'm not their father. I have never been married and never had any open relationship," he said.

Maria TV series actor Ronald Ndubi well- known as Victor Hausa dating Maggie photo

He added that when he met Maggie he was single and doesn't have kids.

The 35-year old entertainer also disclosed that he is currently working on numerous projects with Maggie and will soon declare openly.

"We haven't fully moved in together but we are always together most times. We are working on something then we move in... but we also want to move in when everything is in place. I don't want her to just come and stay. We gotta go official... the right way," he said.

The multi-talented actor said that he met Maggie when they were still shooting Maria series.

"I used to admire her aggressiveness so I called her one date for a lunch date. We went on more dates and we became friends. We started hanging out together. From friendship, we went to another level where we are now," he said.

The soft-spoken actor said he was planning to walk down the aisle with his lover Maggie soon.

"I'm dating Dorea, she is my girlfriend. It is serious and wedding bells are soon," he said.

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