Jua Kali and his wife Lily Asigo photo

Paul Julius Nunda alias Jua Kali is married to beautiful wife identified as Liliy Asigo. They have three children in their marriage. The couple is one of the most influential celebrity couples due to avoiding scandal.

According reports from reliable sources, Lily Asigo has revealed that she no longer sleeps with the husband. She started that the two do not share the same bedroom in the past one week.

However, Lily explained that the two had to agree on that decision since her husband Jua Cali is suffering from Covid 19. She added that for the first time, her kids had to see her shed tears over the issue.

Lily asked friends and relatives not to call him since she is currently in a bad mood. She asked Kenyans to pray for her family and also ad iced them to get vaccinated because Covid is real.

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