Musician Abdulkarim Mohamed alias Czar photo
Over 15 years ago, outstanding musician Abdulkarim Mohamed, well known as Czars, disappeared without a trace.

At that time, the Amka Ukatike hitmaker was about to seat for his KCSE exams when he disappeared.

Before he disappeared, he was just 17 and his mega hit Amka Ukatike was dictating the airwaves.

He had already received local awards like coveted Chaguo La Teeniez Awards and others.

Czars told his family that he was going to meet a colleague but he never went back home.

Czars' father spoke to the a local daily the Stadard, said that he has never known peace since his son got lost 15 years ago.

The Czar's father Mr. Malawi added that he has never received any report from the Government pertaining to his son's unusual disappearance.

He revealed that he has gone broke trying to look for his son. He further asked unknown people who are making money from his son's music, to be human enough and take back his son home.

Mr. Makasi put it clear that his son was not signed to any record label and so, no one should earn from his intellectual property.

He said that his son's songs are being used as ringback tones and money piped to unknown people.

He understands that his son is alive and will one day come back home.

Musician Abdulkarim Mohamed alias Czar photo

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