[PHOTOS] Thandi Fipaza causes a storm online on her 52 birthday
Thandi Fipaza shared photos while commemorating her 52nd birthday.

A Twitter user causes a storm online. Thandi Fipaza shared images while commemorating her 52nd birthday.

That did not go well with Twitter users. The reaction from her tweets was hilarious. 

Netizens who came across her pictures did not believe this woman in 52 years as she alleges that she looks younger as if she is now in her mid-twenties. 

Her selection of dressing confused the platform users.

Many people began criticising her move citing that at her age she should be behaving differently. The reactions to her tweets were insane. 

Fidanza spent most of her time working out. Seemingly, as a way to commemorate her birthday, she chose to give her followers a peek of her new body to inspire young people to take better care of their bodies and avoid gaining unhealthy big stomachs.

She advised women to do exercise and stay young always though life has changed. 

Others also praisedA her for being able to keep her body well into old age.

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