Did you leave spreading God's gospel? Fans blast Mercy Eke for posting plainly twerking videos


Mercy Eke photos shaking big booty videos

Mercy Eke, a former Big Brother Naija contestant seemed to have given up on her dream after flaunting her big As$ chasing men.

Mercy Eke said earlier this year that she had a dream in which she was preaching the gospel and winning souls for God.

Mercy Ekes' dream, on the other hand, appears to be one of those New Year's goals that people abandon after a few months. 

She was frequently caught flashing off her big booty in a video she published on Snapchat, which many followers disliked.


Mercy Eke photos shaking big booty videos


Some chastised Mercy Eke for her lack of content and respect, while others argued that her private parts were no longer private.

"Please don't waste your time with this rubbish." Mrs marycordis posted, Our intimate areas are no longer private. Kim k us because you are," wrote a fan.

" To be honest, she is devoid of both content and civility. Tacha will never be able to accomplish such a feat. More self-confidence, a disregard for their so-called physique...... It's all about maintaining influence, popularity, and relevance while sacrificing morals and self-esteem.


Mercy Eke photos shaking big booty videos

Do you believe social media sites will forget about her? After ten years of experiencing this, can she be proud of herself? 

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