Nataka watoto kama sita na Tajiri, Justina Syokau reveals expectations with future husband


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Justina Syokau,  the twenty-twenty singer, is well known for her controversial utterances, which always go viral and elicit strong emotions from Kenyans.

Justina Syokau states several times that she is a family lady who would like to be in a relationship with someone responsible and interested in having children.

Justina Syokau says she avoids dating broke guys because they are afraid of having children and the obligations that come with it.

Justina Syokau revealed in an exclusive interview with TUKO News that she wants to have six or more children with her future husband.

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Justina claims that she is not looking for a sponsor when she says she wants a wealthy man, but rather someone who can take care of her and her children.

"When I say I want a rich man, people assume I'm searching for a sponsor; but, what they don't realize is that I'm seeking for a man who can take on responsibilities." I can marry anyone, regardless of age, as long as he is a provider.

big booty Justina Syokau song videos and photos

"Men adore children; only the poor are terrified of having children." People nowadays are marrying four women and providing for all of their children. Justina Syokau stated, "I don't want a selfish man."

Justina Syokau has had a strong desire to find a husband who can provide for her children since she knows that a single mother is considered as a failure and an embarrassment in her community.


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