[Footage] Kayole DCIO Jackson Owino Arrested over woman slur in a pub
DCIO Kayole Jackson Owino arrested video footage

DCIO Kayole Jackson Owino was arrested at a city club recently in a dramatic altercation that halted activity at the entertainment venue.

Officers from Kasarani Police Station apprehended the detective following an altercation with a woman known as Elizabeth Wangari. On Friday, March 25, 2022, at around 2:45 p.m., an event occurred at Seasons Lounge.

According to a police complaint filed at the Kasarani Police Station on March 26, the senior investigative officer was cleaning his car when he observed Wangari smoking in the pub.

He proceeded on to warn her that what she was doing was unacceptable.

According to the police report, "a quarrel arose between the two, and the claimed Elizabeth Wangari walked out of the pub yelling slurs at the senior police officer, implying that he'd have to know people."

Wangari returned to the bar after a short time, authorities said, accompanied by two police officers, Marwa Matiko in a police uniform and Charles Maina in civilian clothing. 

The officers allegedly interrogated the officer about why he was threatening the woman.

The DCIO is seen entering the club and being confronted by authorities while conversing with revellers who appear to recognise him, according to CCTV evidence. 

DCIO Kayole Jackson Owino arrested video footage

He offers the officers what appears to be an identification document, but they are sceptical.

Owino, clad in a grey suit, is subsequently seen enjoying his drink in a corner before being brutally stopped by the cops once more.

A dispute ensues, which quickly escalates into a brawl.

The DCIO tries to resist arrest, but one of the new 'Persian blue' uniformed cops threatens to shoot fire, compelling the police chief to back down.

Civilians who tried to assist were beaten up by the armed police, so they chose to stand back and watch from a safe distance.

Officers were eventually able to handcuff Owino before pulling him out of the bar.

According to the Kasarani Police Station report, Owino's Ceska handgun was disarmed, and Matiko discharged two rounds of ammo from the weapon outside the bar. He also used his Scorpion rifle to shoot four rounds of ammunition.

Owino and a civilian named Zacharia Mwambi were frog-matched to Kasarani Police Station.

Following the intervention of another officer at the station, David Ekeno, the senior officer was freed.

Matiko was detained and charged with assault at the station, pending further investigation.

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