Sarah Kabu, the wife of Bonfire Adventures CEO Simon Kabu photo

Sarah Kabu, the wife of Bonfire Adventures CEO Simon Kabu, has been reported to be hinting at a future split from her husband.

According to Mpasho, the mother of two alleges that her children were taken away from her by her husband in a series of remarks on her leaked WhatsApp status postings.

Sarah writes she is, "done and dusted with him" in one of the messages, which appears to be referring to her husband, and therefore the choice to leave with their two children, a boy and a girl.

Is it true, though, that the marriage is in trouble? Is Sarah staging a prank ahead of the much-anticipated Easter weekend to smartly improve their company's bookings?

"To all the cops out there, never take a bribe in exchange for a child losing their mother." It's quite painful. You'll pay for it with that child's tears in the hands of strangers. Children should be with their mothers for legal reasons.


Sarah Kabu, the wife of Bonfire Adventures CEO Simon Kabu

Sara stated in part, "For those who may not understand, am done and dusted with him, which is why he took off with my kids in the care of one of his b*stards."

Sarah implied in the messages that the cops were involved and that the kids were turned back to their father after money was offered in exchange for them.

She begged for assistance, claiming that she was pushed into a poisonous marriage to portray a great relationship and safeguard their business.

“Wah. Kenya is the place to be! Money has exchanged hands once more, and my children have been turned over to strangers, as well as their father.


Sarah Kabu, the wife of Bonfire Adventures CEO Simon Kabu

"How can you be compelled to stay in a poisonous marriage to safeguard our business and its dependents at the expense of my life?" "Please, God, have compassion on those children; I need assistance from my friends," she cried.

She closed by encouraging women to leave such marriages.

"Ladies, if you find yourselves in this circumstance, never hesitate to speak out," she said. "I now understand Lilian Nganga."


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