Corazon Kwamboka new boyfriend photos

Corazon Kwamboka, who revealed her breakup with her baby daddy just two months ago, appears to have moved on to another man.

According to a recent Instagram story, the mother of two has already recovered and is back on the dating scene.

She shared a video from content creator Chiara King in which a male can be heard banging on her in the background. The caption, as written, was the most intriguing aspect of this film.

Corazon Kwamboka new boyfriend photos

"When you've finished your healing process and are ready to start dating again."

Is this to imply that she has recovered from her breakup with Frankie? Also, how quickly after a split is it too early to start seeing once more?

If you recall, the two split up in February, just weeks after Corazon gave birth to their second child. 

Corazon Kwamboka new boyfriend photos

It was unclear why they split up, but rumours suggested that Frankie was still unsure about the relationship and that Corazon had no choice but to leave him to figure it out on his own.

Not only that, but the social media influencer came out after the breakup to talk about her sadness, which many people assumed was brought on by the two's breakup.

Corazon and Frankie had a rather solid public relationship until they surprised us all with a separation that no one saw coming.

This comes only one day after Frankie admitted that he is a "guy of many women." Not that the revelation came as a surprise given his past with women, but the fact that he finally admitted to being unsatisfied with one lady meant something.

Frankie made the announcement on his YouTube channel while speaking with a tour guide in Tanzania. As far as we know, he has already had two wives, but Frankie adds that he has also had concubines.

As a result, we believe Corazon will have a decent chance of finding a replacement as quickly as feasible. His current disclosure also raises the possibility that adultery played a role in their breakup.

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