Control your dogs! MP Aisha Jumwa confronts George Kithi in front of DP Ruto, Kilifi
Aisha Jumwa and George Kithi over dog remarks in a rally in Malindi video

On Wednesday, May 25, Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa raised her voice on the day of a rally at the Msabaha Grounds in Kilifi County, which was headed over by Deputy President William Ruto.

Jumwa was speaking at a rally organized by her team, the United Democratic Alliance (UDA), and the Pamoja African Alliance (PAA), which is led by Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi.

The territorial conflicts with her challenger George Kithi, on the other hand, were fought out in the open as a segment of the audience castigated Jumwa to finish her speech and allow the PAA contender a chance.

Jumwa, who was irritated, said that some PAA followers were there at the event to interrupt her remarks and shame her in front of Ruto.

Aisha Jumwa and George Kithi over dog remarks in a rally in Malindi video

"I respectfully suggest that UDA supporters remain silent. You've come for the rally, while the rest of us are here to do our jobs (interrupt her) ", according to Jumwa.

She subsequently invited Kithi to speak, and the uproar stopped as soon as he started talking, prompting the Malindi MP to make rude comments.

"Honourable George Kithi, every dog listens to its owner, so speak to your people and calm them down," Jumwa said, making disapproving signs at the rally's security team.

Because of the scuffles, the Kenya Kwanza presidential flagbearer chose to speak to the audience from his automobile rather than the dias provided for him.

Even though Jumwa encouraged the DP to acquire a national government job for his PAA competitor, the two candidates put their egos aside and promised to work together to secure the presidential vote for Ruto.

Aisha Jumwa and George Kithi over dog remarks in a rally in Malindi video

"Your Excellency, I respectfully request that you reserve an appointive position in the national government for Kithi. Allow him to represent the nation at that level, and allow me to compete against our rivals in the contest to succeed Governor Kingi," she said.

 The DP is on a four-day trip to the Coast, where he will conduct economic seminars around the region. 

He presided over a discussion in Mombasa County earlier on Wednesday before heading to Kilifi for a Kenya Kwanza rally.

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