BBS TV host Diana Nabatanzi hot photos

At the very least, we now understand why BBS TV host Diana Nabatanzi has been lonely for longer.

This is because the Ugandan singer does not allow one-night encounters, and most Kampala guys have a habit of sleeping here and there and then running, so she does not simply expose her legs.

Nabatanzi stated on BBS TV's Kasukali program that she does not condone such behaviour.

BBS TV host Diana Nabatanzi hot photos

She went on to say that it had never occurred to her before and would never happen again.

As per Nabatanzi, she believes it is the most punishable crime and criminal somebody can commit against her.

And if no one responds, it suggests she has a significant issue that she is unaware of because she is genetically loaded.

BBS TV host Diana Nabatanzi hot photos

One of her co-hosts speculated that her national water might be deficient, to which she responded that that couldn't possibly happen to her, and that he wouldn't be the first one to visit her marshy Lwera.

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