[VIDEO] Miracles of Pastor Kanyari back with Tahidi high actor Omosh on the spot
Former Tahidi High actor Joseph Kinuthia, also nicknamed as Omoshand Pastor Kanyari in another controversial video

Former Tahidi High actor Joseph Kinuthia, also nicknamed as Omosh, has found himself in the spotlight once more after a video of him being prayed for gone viral on social media.

The notion that notorious Pastor Kanyari was the one leading the prayers added to the video's virality.

Omosho was seen heading to the stage at Pastor Kanyari's Salvation Healing Ministries church in a video released by YouTuber Nicholas Kioko.

He was given the opportunity to speak, throughout which he confessed to being a sinful and requested God's assistance.

“Nimesoma kuhusu mathabao. Nikaona maybe mambo yangu inaenda mrama kwa sababau sijatengeneza mathabao yangu vizuri. Nikitoka hapa naenda kuomba sana,” he told the church.

The actor claimed that he visited Kanyari's church service after being invited by a colleague, the name of which he didn't disclose.

"This is a significant day for me; pals can sometimes be angels. I was with a colleague yesterday evening, and he invited me to join him for prayers the next day at a specific location. I agreed," Omosh said, "but I generally worship at Team Gospel in Komarock."

He went on to claim that the day's teaching had taught him about altars, and that the sermon had made him reflect about his sad life. 

He vowed to make amends in order to receive God's blessings and become the dazzling star he was meant to be.

"While seated, I rationalized that maybe my life isn't functioning out because I haven't consecrated my altar, and I determined that I needed to create my altar so that God might communicate to me as well," Omosh testified.

"I am a star, but I don't flash as strongly as I could, yet God says I am a star on the rise, but I haven't purified my altar." 

"Please, God's man, make sure that when I leave this spot, I pray and change my ways so that when I return, I know I've come to grow my altar," he continued.

“I was to pray for you.Nikuombee nyota yako irejee. Mimi napandiwanga mbegu lakininaskia mungu akinianmbia nikupandie mbegu. I will bless you with some money,” Pastor Kanyari said.

“Nakupea na chakula na nikubariki na elfu saba (I’m giving you food then bless you with KSh 7,000”).


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