Joseph Kinuthia, aka Omosh to be helped by Akothee photo

Joseph Kinuthia, aka Omosh, who used to be at Tahidi High and has talked about his early struggles, has gotten help from musician Akothee.

In a previous interview, the actor said that he was unhappy and about to lose everything.

Akothee told Omosh through an Instagram post that most Kenyans are going through the same or worse problems.

The musician noticed that most Kenyans are going through hard times that they don't know about because of the slowing economy.

Akothee added, "Omosh, pole kwa yote unayopitia, hauko peke yako ndugu yangu. In Kenya, 80% of people have worse problems that they don't know about, such as mental illness.

" Do you realize that 70% of Kenyans can make it on their monthly salary, Omosh? Are individuals just resting their heads above the water wasizame? " Asked Akothee.

As a result, Akothee promised to assist Omosh and enquired as to how he might make his condition better.

At least you are aware that you are sad. Omosh, what is it that is depressing you? Unaona ni vipi tunaweza kukusaidia. Wewe ni Utuambie. Hii story yako tumalize tuendele na maisha ingine. What's Omosh's issue, guys? I'm here in peace, she continued.


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