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Masoja Msiza is a writer and actor who is best known for playing the bad guy Nkunzi in the movie Uzalo. He says he wants to teach kids to have a good attitude about life.

I do this to contribute to the positives that they dream about and want to accomplish for themselves. I don't walk around schools pushing kids simply because I believe they can't for themselves or their future. I'm trying to convey to them that everything is possible. Regardless of their origin, they too may be well-known and honoured like me. They shouldn't be ashamed of themselves. "

The actor also admitted to the Daily Sun that he had sold steel wool door-to-door. However, he was sadly bit by dogs.

"I have dog bite wounds." But each time I glance at these scars, I'm brought back to my arduous trip. They help me inspire students. And when I talk to them, they listen.

The 57-year-old actor, who portrays the beloved character Nkunzi, also talks about his difficult childhood in Johannesburg's KwaThema neighbourhood in the Daily Sun.

Msiza's evil character Even though he had been in it for many seasons, Nkunzi took a break from the SABC1 soap opera Getting Away with Murder.

On Wednesday, August 17, Sbu temporarily got rid of Nkunzi, aka "Cool Kruger," but the people of KwaMashu will miss him.

People also thought that Nkunzi's wife, Gabisile, would fake his death so that the investigation into who poisoned him would take longer.

Also, Gabisile made up for her death two seasons ago, when her ex-husband Qhabanga threw her into the river and said she had been dead for months.

When Simphiwe Majozi was freed from jail by the Magwazas, Sbu (Simphiwe Majozi) promised to murder him and has made repeated attempts to do so ever since.

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