Reverend Lucy Natasha with her husband Prophet Carmel


Reverend Lucy Natasha, a preacher in the city, and Prophet Carmel, her husband, just celebrated one year since they were engaged.

Through her many social media platforms, Natasha expressed how grateful she was to have the prophet Carmel in her life and in the ministry with her.

Natasha, a preacher in the city, said that she prayed hard for a good partner before she met her husband, Prophet Stanley Carmel.

"@stanleycarmel, you were the husband of my youth. My support system. My number one supporter in the crowd. My confidant. My head coach. My disguise," she says.

After sliding into Natasha's direct message, Carmel introduced himself to her.

"Following you has turned out to be the finest choice I've made in my life, and meeting you was unquestionably the best thing that could have occurred to me. The highlight of my life is getting to serve you, my King, in ministry and in everyday life. I am grateful that you have given me the opportunity to fulfill the purpose that God has for our Generation."

After then, Natasha prayed for all of the people who were single and asked God to provide them with a partner to marry.

"I pray that the devil never finds a way to have you married to someone he can use to ruin your life's path. I pray that your significant other will lift you up and not bring you down."

In the past, Carmel had mentioned slipping into his now-wife Natasha's direct message (DM) on Instagram, but Natasha did not answer for another two years.

"In 2017, I was browsing Instagram and came across her videos, in which she was giving sermons about a royal wedding. Her stunning appearance stood out," he stated.

"I got online and started following her on Instagram. Then, in typical form for the internet, I sent out a message to her as quickly as I could. However, despite the fact that she never responded to my letters of support and prayers, I continued to send them to her for a period of two years."

The pastor at the Empowerment Christian Church revealed that the reason she disregarded him was because she gets a large number of direct messages on a daily basis.

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