Ugandan musician Nina Roz  drop Bajooga trending worldwide

The extremely contagious new track "Bajooga" by outstanding Ugandan musician Nina Roz has the whole globe bopping to it and has now taken over all radio stations.

With this gorgeous club banger, Nina Roz has captured the attention of the whole globe, and everyone is presently dancing to her beat.

Nina Roz's constant energy, captivating voice, and charming personality have almost made everyone fall in love with "Bajooga."

Nina Roz is the vocal diva that the Ugandan music business has long yearned for, and now that she is here, she must be guarded like a priceless diamond. This incredible studio project confirms this once again.

The song "Bajooga," which can be heard on YouTube, has already been watched tens of thousands of times. This has helped Nina Roz become even more popular with her fans all over the world.

Ugandan musician Nina Roz  drop Bajooga trending worldwide

As if that were not enough, Nina Roz will be shocking her audience in a few days with the release of her hot new album, Chronicles of a Woman.

One of the fantastic tunes on the album is titled "Bajooga," but we won't divulge the other jams since we don't want to ruin the surprise.


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