Manzi wa Kiberas' 66-year-old boyfriend receives outstanding accolades at NTV
Manzi wa Kibera with her 66 years old boyfriend

She is bringing their brand-new romance to a whole new level because of Manzi wa Kibera.


The famous person brought her 66-year-old partner to NTV on Saturday so that she could formally introduce him to her television viewers.


On NTV Gumzo la Sato, Wambo and her mystery guy were the hosts, and they received a lot of applause when they entered the studio.


She sent a notice about her afternoon appearance with the phrase, "Catch me on NTV live at 5:30 p.m.."


As applause erupted around the room, the five-person panel requested that the two get a standing ovation.


"Manzi wa Kibera hongera dada, hongera hongera dada, hongera hongera dada." The couple took their seats, the room was filled with shouting.

Her 66-year-old boyfriend smiled broadly at the throng and waved in appreciation. One of the television presenters said, "Wenye roho mbaya leo watakoma."


Wambo said on Instagram that she refers to Manzi wa Kibera's new bae as her teddy bear in an effort to bless him on his 66th birthday.


"You are the guy of my dreams, and I am so blessed to have you in my life, so happy birthday, gorgeous."


She also posted a video on December 2nd demonstrating how happy he makes her. "Every day, my love for you becomes deeper... "I really admire you," she says proudly.


How did they first meet? At the time, Manzi was in the headlines for trying to get Mumias East MP Peter Salasias to marry her.


Although she was disappointed, she had good fortune. The 65-year-old guy grabbed her number after seeing her. 

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