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 A middle-aged man is working hard to get his sight back after he was attacked by a crowd in Magena, Kisii, over what is thought to be a love triangle.

Simon Kengere, 40 years old, was located on Monday night, according to the police, and he was taken to the hospital immediately.


"After he was discovered breaking into a residence, it was stated that a crowd assaulted him and beat him up. Our officers arrived instantly and were able to rescue him. 


"They then took him to the hospital, where he is now receiving medical attention," said Charles Opondo, the Kenyenya Sub-County Police Commander.

He did, however, clear the air by stating that there were far too many rumours floating around about the event, and he added that they are still looking into the issue.

"There are those who assert that he was discovered in the home of a lady, while others assert that he was a robber, and there are others who continue to assert that he was a witch." 


"As of right now, we are still conducting investigations, so it would be premature for us to speculate as to why exactly he was assaulted "according to Opondo.

Opondo says that Kengere was taken quickly to the Gucha Hospital in Ogembo to get medical care.

However, by the evening of Tuesday, the family decided that they wanted to transfer him to a different medical centre.

Kengere told Gucha that he had been hurt by the people who found him at his suitor's house.

From his hospital bed, he said to the media, "I was in the home of my girlfriend when some guys broke into the house and assaulted me."

Opondo said that the assault on the guy had no similarities with the incident that occurred on Thursday night with Baby Junior Sagini, who was brutally attacked and had both of his eyes gouged out.

As a result of the event, two people have been taken into custody.


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