Court hammer in Eldoret

On Friday, February 24, 2023, a lady who was proven guilty of murdering her two kids received a sentence of 17 years in prison for her crime. The woman was 34 years old.

Flossy Cherono admitted that on the evening of July 9, 2019, she killed her two kids, Ivy Chelagat, 11, and Beryl Chepchumba, 7, in order to safeguard her connection with her recently discovered lover and increase the likelihood that he will marry her. Ivy Chelagat was 11 years old, and Beryl Chepchumba was 7 years old.

She acknowledged that she had murdered her kids by cutting their throats and stabbing them with a knife before dumping their corpses in a pit latrine. Her children had been strangled and slashed with the blade.

The court was presented with a post-mortem analysis that proved, among other things, that the children had been murdered by suffocation before their bodies were dismembered.

A portion of the postmortem document shows, "The children were strangled to death, while the other kid bled to death as a consequence of a serious cut on the skull."


Judge Reuben Nyakundi of the Eldoret court, in pronouncing his decision, voiced displeasure and disbelief at the mother's admissions.


The prosecution said that Cherono's actions were both devastating and troubling, and they stood by this assertion.

It is unsettling to contemplate the possibility that a mother might conduct such a horrendous act towards her own children, particularly when they put their faith in her.

The lawyer for the state made the observation that "it is paradoxical that the individual who was meant to care for the innocent victims by delivering care, safety, and affection became the perpetrator."

Cherono was given a period of 14 days by Judge Nyakundi in which to contest her imprisonment.

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