President William Ruto attending a church service at the Deliverance Church International, Ruai, Narobi County.
President William Ruto attending a church service at the Deliverance Church International, Ruai.

According to President William Ruto, he is now happy with the cooperative choice Kenyans have made to submit their taxes.

On Sunday, during a church service at Deliverance Church International in Ruai, Nairobi, President Ruto said that he was happy that "all Kenyans" were willing to pay taxes and that no Kenyan would be exempt from paying their taxes.

"I am pleased that as a nation we have reached a consensus and decided that there will be no tax exemption for anybody, regardless of their status, family background, or any other factors, including their area of origin or religion."

"Everyone will pay their taxes, as we have agreed," he stated.

"And I am now pleased that we have united as a country in our belief that we shall pay our taxes in proportion to our incomes."

"It is the most comprehensive agreement we can reach as a country, and it is the way to reduce our debt."

The Head of State maintained his fervent call for a straightforward tax payment scheme, saying that if income collection is easy and transparent, it would be simpler to free the country from its crushing debt.

"Paying taxes, gaining financial independence, and even reaching a point when we start lending to other countries instead of borrowing is the solution to the debt crisis."

"We want to follow that course," he said.

President Ruto also said that he would soon send out a notice telling government agencies that they can't sue the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) for unpaid taxes.

Instead, he suggested that any disagreements be settled out of court.

"There will be a directive prohibiting legal action against KRA by any government agency."

"If there is a dispute, allow for negotiations among the different authorities to resolve it without going to court." "We cannot pay for our legal defense using tax payers' money; it's Kenyan money."

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