Mtwapa - Kwa Kadzengo - Kilifi road is part of a transnational 454-kilometre road linking Malindi town in Kenya to Bagamoyo  in Tanzania

President William Ruto said on November 19 of last year that work would begin on the 40.4-kilometre Mtwapa-Kwa Kadzengo-Kilifi Road.

The Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) said on Tuesday that the contractor had already finished constructing a maximum distance of seven kilometres around the Vipingo area.

According to KeNHA Engineer Ezekiel Fukwo, Director of Highways, Designs, Safety, and Environment, only 10% of the road is actually currently under construction at this time.

"The contractors have indeed galvanized and are performing really well."

"We already have seven kilometres that are currently being utilized."

"As the project progresses, we expect to see more work, and we hope that it will be completed quickly," said Fukwo.

The Mtwapa-Kwa Kadzengo-Kilifi road is part of a 454-kilometer cross-border highway that goes from Bagamoyo, Tanzania, to Malindi, Kenya.

The African Development Bank (AfDB), the EU-African Infrastructure Trust Fund Grant, and the Kenyan government are all working together to pay for the Malindi-Lunga Lunga/Horohoro-Tanga-Bagamoyo East African coastline road segment, which is expected to cost Sh7.5 billion (USD 61.4 million).

In November, President William Ruto talked about how important it was to improve Kenya's infrastructure, especially the parts that would make it easier for people to travel, do business, and visit other parts of the East African Community.

"This is a crucial route that connects Kenya and Tanzania; according to him, it would strengthen their economies and commerce."

On the Mtwapa-Kwa Kadzengo-Kilifi Road, there will be 7.4 kilometers of two lanes and 33 kilometers of single lanes that are spacious.

December 2024 is the projected completion date for the project.

The road's design calls for the removal of at least 5,000 trees in order to make way for its development.

KeNHA started replacing trees along the already-finished seven kilometers of road on Tuesday.

KeNHA worked with Mombasa Cement, Rea Vipingo, Superior Homes, Kenya Forest Services, the National Environment Management Authority (Nema), and the Kilifi County Government to plant trees on the side of the road.

"From here, we will be able to move, and because KeNHA has a lot of land in terms of road reserves, we will green all of them," stated KeNHA.

"From here, we will be able to move, and because KeNHA has a lot of land in terms of road reserves, we will green all of them," stated KeNHA.

According to Fukwo, KeNHA is dedicated to environmental responsibility and is following President Ruto's order for Kenya to plant 15 billion trees over the course of the next ten years.

Kenha has also donated Sh20 million to the KFS Nairobi Arboretum for the planting of 1 million plants in road-protected areas around the nation.

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