Assistant chief arrested

An assistant chief in Murang'a County has finally been arrested on charges that he defiled a 14-year-old girl and now two months pregnant.

Locals said that the security services were covering up the situation by not taking action against Wangu's assistant chief right away. As a result, the villagers demanded that he be put in jail.

On January 1, 2023, when the child was spending the holiday with her aunt in Gitweku village, Julius Gachie allegedly physically assaulted her.

Reports say that the girl was given money by the junior administrator who lives next door to get her to sleep with him.

The girl said that the assistant chief called her on her aunt's cellphone and urged her to join him in the kitchen at night.

She said in her report that the administrator committed the crime while placing a bag on the clay floor.

However, the incident was recorded on January 6 at the Kirogo police station, where the youngster was given a P3 form.

The assistant chief was supposed to be arrested as soon as possible, but family members and people in the area were worried about the delay. They said that he had made plans to settle the dispute without going to court.

He is said to have tried to get the parents of the child to settle the matter without going to court by using the village elders.

Residents of Gitweku gathered at the chief's office in Koimbi on Thursday and made a commitment to stay there until the offender is caught.

They said that the administrator has been abusing other females in the neighborhood, including committing the crime more than a month ago and yet being able to go about his business.

One of the locals said, "We know how mean he is, and we can't stand to see him find happiness after committing such a terrible crime."

Another said, "He shouldn't be permitted back into public service." "We want him charged and brought before the law."

However, according to County Commissioner Karuku Ngumo, the security personnel took their time before acting to gather more information and make sure the case against him was strong before filing charges.

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