How to play on shabiki using SMS texts

Shabiki Jackpot SMS betting Shortcode is 29063. Players can bet from Over and Under, Wins and Goals on both teams among others. 

Shabiki SMS Betting 

How to play through SMS Pre-match. You can play via SMS simply by sending Game ID#prediction#stake to 29063, e.g., 12345#1#200 to 29063.

You can place both single and multi-bets on the following markets as shown below. 

I. Three-way (1X2) At full-time, this market has three potential results:

  • Winning at home (1)
  • Draw (X)
  • Away win (2)

Example: 12345 Liverpool vs. Chelsea—the prediction of Liverpool's win would be 1 (a home win). To bet via SMS, text 12345#1#100 to 29063. (Game ID = 12345; Home Win = 1; Bet Amount = KSH 100).

2. Both teams to score (GG/NG): Predict whether at least one goal will be scored by both teams in this match. 

Own goals count for the team in whose favour they have been scored. Possible options:

  • Yes (GG)—the bet wins if both teams score during the game.
  • NO (NG)—The bet wins if at least one of the teams fails to score during the game.

For example, 12345 Liverpool vs. Chelsea—GG is the prediction for Liverpool to score and Chelsea to score. 

To bet via SMS, text 12345#GG#100 to 29063. (12345 = game ID; GG = both teams to score; 100 = bet amount)

3. Double Chance (DC) A "Double Chance" bet allows you to cover two of the three possible results of the contest with one bet.

The following possibilities are available: 1 or X (DC1X): If the result is either a home win or a draw, then bets on this option are winners.

  • X or 2 (DCX2): If the outcome is either a draw or an away win, then bets on this choice are winners.
  • 1 or 2 (DC12): If the result is either a home win or an away win, then bets on this option are winners.

In 12345 Liverpool vs Chelsea, for example, the FT prediction for a Liverpool win or draw is 1 OR X. To bet via SMS, text 12345#DC1X#100 to 29063 (12345=GAME ID, DC1X=Home win or draw, 100=Bet amount).


4. Over/Under (OV/UN) Predict whether the total number of goals scored at the end of the game will be greater or less than a certain number.

  • Different lines are offered in this market. i.e. 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, etc. 
  • Over 2.5 goals are expected (OV25). The bet is won if three or more goals are scored full-time.
  • Under 2.5 goals (UN25) must be scored. 
  • The bet wins if there are zero, one, or two goals scored at the end of the game.

Example: 12345 Liverpool vs. Chelsea—predicting three or more goals at full-time.

Text 12345#UN25#49 to 29063 to play via SMS (12345 is the game ID, OV25 is the total number of goals in the match that must be 3 or more at full time, and 49 is the bet amount).

All bets on the above markets are paid out based on the final score of the game, including any injuries and the amount of time that was played.

There isn't a text option for live betting. By logging into your online account, selecting your desired market, and selecting your selected sport, you may place live bets.

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