Ugly events were seen on Saturday evening in the Central Business District of Kisii town when teenagers supporting Azimio and youngsters supporting UDA battled with each other. The security forces in Kisii have begun an inquiry in response to these nasty occurrences.

At least ten people, some of whom were injured by machetes, were taken to the Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital after the event that took place on Saturday.

When addressing at the hospital where the teenagers are still undergoing treatment, Kisii Governor Simba Arati said that security officials were hesitant in suppressing the animosity between the competing groups.

It is a sad state of affairs that individuals who are wage earners are now laying in bed here in the hospital, under the full gaze of police officers who were meant to protect peace and security.

Kisii machete chaos

Arati placed the responsibility for the failure to maintain order in Kisii on Interior Ministry Secretary Kithure Kindiki. The conflicts that took place in Kisii were observed there.

"I would want to make an appeal to Kindiki... You have triumphed in the election, and now it is time to bring the community back together. He said that one "cannot be battling individuals in gang warfare while there are steadily growing felons throughout town backed by police personnel."

The governor has promised to seek out further mechanisms in order to control what he refers to as a "developing gang" that is being utilized by competing politicians to inflict damage in an attempt to unseat him from his leadership position.

Some of the victims informed journalists that a gang of young people assaulted the boda boda offices outside Kisii Assembly with machetes in what appeared to be a dispute over succession.

A group of boda boda drivers, headed by Fred Nunda, "a boda boda leader," organized demonstrations inside Kisii town to oppose the Azimio Rally that was held at Kisii's Gusii Stadium on Friday. These demonstrations took place before the nasty incident.

Kisii County Commander Charles Kases, who talked to Citizen TV later over the phone, said that Kisii Central Deputy OCPD also received severe wounds while attempting to deal with the nighttime rioting.

Kases stated that the Nunda group had previously been granted permission to perform peaceful demonstrations as cops accompanied the team through the Kisii Central Business District (CBD).

Raila Odinga, the head of the ODM, issued a statement on Saturday evening condemning the assaults in Kisii. In the release, he pointed the finger of blame at the leadership of a part of Kenya Kwanza for fueling the aggression.

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