Tausi Mdegela with her kid photo

A Tanzanian actress who is the parent of one child, Tausi Mdegela, has said that her kid rejects her and loves her father more than her; she also has plans to give birth until it's all out.

In an interview with EATV and EA Radio Digital, Tausi Mdegela said her child is doing well and is with her all the time.

"It's so nice to depend on something and then get it, because the child starts talking to him from the time the kid is in the womb, but my child rejects me a lot."

"The child enjoys being with the father; my kid may be sucking, but when his father arrives, he stops being happy and then laughs loudly," said Tausi.

In addition, she continued to say, "I can't say how many children I want, but when this one grows up, there will be more younger brothers and sisters."

"I also can't say how many children I should have because it will depend on life and God's plans, but I will give birth until it fails."

Watch her speak more in the video below.

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