Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit of the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK)
Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit

According to Ole Sapit, Anglican churches throughout Africa, South America, Asia, and Oceania are in the midst of forming their own administrations in an attempt to maintain Biblical teachings. This is being done as a means to safeguard biblical principles.

"We are maybe going to have a leader on a rotating basis in our communion who understands the orthodox doctrine of the Scriptures," he added.

"We were also going to seek out a leader who believes in the orthodox doctrine of the Bible."

Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit of the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) has announced that England will no longer hold the position of head of the worldwide Anglican Church.

This is the result of a decision made by the Church of England in the previous month to permit clergymen to preside over confirmed couples of relatively similar gender in wedding ceremonies.

Sapit said that Anglican churches in Africa, South America, Asia, and Oceania are currently in the stage of developing fresh administrations for themselves in an attempt to maintain Biblical beliefs. This statement was made during an interview that took place on Sunday on Citizen TV.

We are going to continue this conversation at the Global South Summit that will take place in Cairo in the month of May. "What we all have previously agreed upon and stated is that England is no longer able to be the head of the Anglican Communion," he continued. This was something that had already been decided upon and proclaimed.

"We are maybe going to acquire a leader for our communion on a rotating basis who understands the orthodox teaching of the Bible," the person said.

In addition, the archbishop condemned the efforts of certain churches in the West to have the Bible rewritten so that it does not make reference to either gender, stating that the Anglican community in Africa does not agree with this.

"Now I'm going to see my house of bishops, and we are in contact with the other African provinces, and soon we are going to meet the Global Anglican Future Conference, who are saying no and want to preach the Bible as it is and preserve it without bringing any gender-neutral things to it," Sapit added.

"Soon we are going to meet with the Global Anglican Future Conference, which is saying no and wants to preach the Bible as it is and preserve it without introducing any gender-neutral things."

After the determination that was made by the Church of England a month ago, the church in Kenya has made it very clear that it isn't going to follow in the footsteps of its mother church, which is located in England.

It referred to the choice as a divergence from real biblical theology while describing the situation.

In a letter to the Church of England, Ole Sapit wrote, "Having lost all theological and doctrinal legitimacy, the liberal churches are using their authoritarian rule to disestablish the church by trying to normalise all sinful behavior."

This was part of Sapit's argument that liberal churches are "using their hegemony to homogenise the church by legitimising all sinful behaviour."

The Church of Kenya stated that the judgement made by the Church of England cannot compel them to adhere to a theology that they personally do not believe in.

According to the ACK's statement, "The general communion of the Church of England determines laws for the Church of England, and these decisions apply solely to the Church of England."

The Kenyan clergy have informed the members of their congregations that they would not endorse the choice to bless identical gender partnerships because they do not acknowledge the legitimacy of such relationships.

The letter stated, "We do not actually recognise any doctrines that are extra-scriptural or contradictory to the doctrines contained in the Bible."

"His grace affirms that marriage is a relationship that exists between a male and a female that is monogamous," and so on.

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