Groningen - Heerenveen match stopped photos

Once disturbances broke out between Groningen and Heerenveen supporters, the game was stopped.

The battle between FC Groningen and SC Heerenveen has been interrupted by referee Serdar Gozübüyük.

After some rowdy behaviour by supporters of the home team, this occurred around ten minutes before the game was over. Players from FC Groningen who attempted to defuse the situation were met with hostility.

As a result of an FC Groningen fan entering the playing field, the match between FC Groningen and SC Heerenveen has been called off.

When player Jetro Willems intervened on behalf of the security personnel, the scenario became far more serious. Willems received a smack from a fan.

FC Groningen got off to a strong start in the contest. The team was able to establish a commanding early lead, and the fans displayed the best of themselves by contributing to a very vibrant environment during the 12th minute of play.

Groningen - Heerenveen match stopped

The two goals scored by SC Heerenveen were enough to put an end to the competition. In the 80th minute, with a score of 0-2 and too many goals, it turned into a fan. 

Almost immediately, two security personnel were able to apprehend him, but shortly after that, unrest broke out in a section of the Z-side grandstand.

At that point, Heerenveen had a 2-0 advantage over their opponent.

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