Ms. Jessica Hawayu

A lady accidentally ate an engagement ring that was hidden in her dish as a present, and a marriage proposal almost turned out badly.

The family celebration for Ms. Jessica Hawayu took place on Sunday at her house in Gongoni, Tana River County.

She had no idea that her boyfriend, Johannah Charo, and the family had organized a surprise engagement party.

The day got off to a good start with food prepared by family members. Jessica was given the responsibility of making her dad's favorite meal.

"Our father loves Pilau, and so does her partner." She thus committed herself to it since she understood the sake of her father, "Melanie Hawayu, her sister, said.

While waiting for the go-ahead from his girlfriend's family, the boyfriend and his buddies hung out in the neighborhood.

They got an SMS at about 2 p.m. telling them to start moving towards the location as the tables were being placed.

The woman's mother and boyfriend came up with a plan to hide the ring in a serving of pilau so that the woman could find it.

Dad had objected to the concept, but as we had none of our own, we chose to go forward with it despite his objections." Melanie provided more information on the event.

While Jessica's mother was serving dinner, she kept sending her off on missions while burying the ring in the dish.

After sneaking into the house, Charo was about to come out from behind his girlfriend's seat.

The laughter and delight at the table stopped Charo's tiptoe approach to the table as his lover started coughing during the meal.

All attempts were made to save her as she got up from the table and hurried to her father, who beat her three times on the back before she threw up the ring.

"Dad was afraid something might happen, even though we didn't expect it to." "Mom cried since it was so near," stated Jessica's younger brother, Oscar Habil.

After collapsing, Jessica was taken to a neighboring hospital for evaluation.

Charo maintained that he would marry her whether she was alive or dead, but she awoke to answer, "Yes," with the engagement ring already on her finger.

"That is the way relatives could have murdered my wife, and I have learned a very harsh lesson. Satan is a liar. In a phone conversation, Charo remarked.

Despite the fact that things just did not go as expected, Jessica says she does not feel guilty about the family's plans because everyone was determined to make her day special.

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