Bungoma Jesu, jesus of tongaren

Bungoma Jesus at last explains why he lacks the execution scars.

Eliud Wekesa insisted that he was Jesus, even though no one could see his crucification wounds.

Bungoma's "Jesus" explains why his hands lack the crucification markings.

Eliud Wekesa, the self-declared Jesus of Bungoma, has admitted that he has had multiple bodies throughout the years, which is primarily why he lacks the execution scars on the palms of his hands.

This new one, it seems, was free of nail marks. I believe it is past time for us to leave this nation alone and sell it.

"You don't question things when you're doing God's job... I have come into this earth countless times since almost 2 thousand years ago.

"You know I came onto this planet with several bodies, and now I have another one."

Elijah answered openly.

Does anyone have the thought, "Shukisha Tafadhali"? I can't help but think of the popular song "Watu si wajinga bana," which is now trending.

In an encounter with Violet Taluma Eliud, Eliud insisted that he was Jesus and that he had no fear of being executed since, in God's eyes, the time for that had already passed.

In his own words, "A tree cannot be hit by lightning twice," or "Radi haiwezi ikapiga mti mara mbili."

"You see the ones talking about these tales of me being crucified, Mzee (pointing to his supposed father "God"), aliniambia leo usiku wanaenda kutokezewa na maono leo usiku wakilala," the Tongan "Jesus" said.

"They will suffer because of the nightmares they will have about badmouthing me. Even if they haven't yet condemned me, it will hurt them to think about why."

Eliud highlighted the fact that he would still pray to God about pardoning these offenders and mending their hearts before he concluded.

The interviewer continued to be perplexed by the man and inquired as to whether or not he felt that he was the biblical Jesus.

"Do you intend to confirm for me that you are the Jesus of the Bible?" and "a true Messiah?" prompted Violet.

Eliud firmly retorted that he was, in fact, Mary's son, begotten by the power of the Holy Spirit.

"The one is me!" I am that Jesus of the Bible whom Elijah answered.

Eliud dodged the subject of whether he could work miracles and cure the sick like the man from Bethlehem, but he wryly observed that if he wasn't the historical Jesus, he wouldn't have as many followers as he does.

"What do you observe when you enter this place?" It is because of something that has drawn them here that you will discover individuals assembled here.

People are looking for a variety of things, including healing, salvation, and lifestyle changes. "All of these creatures are God's creation," said the Tongaren native.

It was discovered three days ago that some of his village residents intended to execute him on a cross in the same manner that Jesus was executed on cross thousands of years ago.

As Elie insists he is the Christian Messiah, many Kenyans online joined in, urging the self-declared Jesus to follow Christ's life to the very end and encouraging his execution.

Christ did, after all, rise from the dead on the third day after his death, marking the conclusion of the Passion of Christ, which culminated in his execution, death, resurrection, and ascension to heaven.

After all of this, Bungoma locals said that Eliud should take his time on the cross since there are consequences for claiming to be Jesus.

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