Still available and making quite a stir in the market for digital television is Bamba TV. Many individuals have been looking for details concerning Bamba TV in an effort to learn more about this cheap yet practical choice for the digital transition.

However, it has proven challenging to get details on Bamba TV, even on their official site. After debuting in 2015 with 50 stations, Bamba TV has grown its channel count to 120.

Clients anticipate that Radio Africa Group will provide promptly updated data so that customers may choose whether to use Bamba TV or not.

Their social media profiles, however, hadn't been updated since 2021. Customers are concerned about its presence in the nation as a result.

The television channels that you will get if you purchase a Bamba TV set-top box include some of the following in the image below.

Is Bamba TV decoders still available in Kenya?

Bamba TV, a brand-new free-to-view service, was launched by Radio Africa Group. For a one-time cost of Ksh. 3200 for a set-top box, you may access Bamba TV.

The Bamba TV box is offered on the market and at retailers close to your local mall. At the time of its inception, 24 of the more than 50 channels on Bamba TV were Bamba TV-only.

Local free-to-air channels make up the remainder. Bamba TV is distinctive in that, unlike Dstv, GOtv, Zuku, and Startimes, there are no extra fees once the set-top box cost is paid by the customer.

There are 7 movie channels on Bamba TV, 3 of which are international and African stations.

Three cartoon channels and four lifestyle channels, featuring vehicle TV and fashion TV, are also available on Bamba TV.

Bamba TV also comes with a 24-hour telenovela channel.

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