Dennis Itumbi, the Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) of ICT

Dennis Itumbi, the Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) of ICT, has declared his intention to bring a complaint for defamation against the Nation Media Group (NMG) over a series of publications he claims damaged his reputation.

Itumbi identified an article that was printed in both versions of Taifa Leo and Sunday Nation that described how CASs seized offices disregarding a court order prohibiting them in a 5-page demand letter.

Itumbi said that he was picked out for his role in organising the Madaraka Day festivities with other government officials.

Itumbi, via his attorney Adrian Kamotho Njenga and Company Advocates, claimed that his client's reputation, which he had worked so hard to create and maintain, had been severely damaged.

While drawing attention to the situation, his attorney gave a 48-hour deadline and demanded an immediate withdrawal of all the remarks made public by NMG that damaged Itumbi's reputation.

Additionally, the CAS demanded a clear public apology for the publications. In addition, he ordered that Nation Media Group promise to never again disseminate anything that would damage his reputation.

Itumbi stated that the media reported that the CAS carried out his official responsibilities as normal notwithstanding a court injunction while dissecting the concerns in the Nation's stories.

He also opposed the headline Mibabe wa Ukaidi (Stubborn Tyrants), which appeared on Taifa Leo on May 21, 2023, and included his picture on the first page.

The lawyer also found flaws in the newspapers' assertions that all of the functions he performed were those that were expected of CASs.

The CAS said that the article gave the impression that he is anxious to maintain the CAS position, even though his entire existence would fall apart without it.

He said that if NMG did not abide by the requests, he would pursue legal action.

50 CASs from President William Ruto

Itumbi was one of 50 CASs sworn in on March 23, 2023, during President William Ruto's watch. After receiving a petition from the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) challenging the CASs' constitutionality, Justice Hedwig Ongudi of the High Court in Nairobi prevented the CASs from taking office the next day.

However, President Ruto maintained his choice to name the 50 CASs, citing an extensive schedule that required every hand on deck to fulfil campaign pledges.

"That is my government's intention regarding the appointment of CAS. It's my call, and I believe CAS is necessary for my administration."

"My constable is almost dozing off in the workplace right now. Musalia herself is now losing weight as a result of her job. In a joint media appearance with other officials on May 14, 2023," Ruto said, "I need more employees because the objective of reforming Kenya demands more hands and ideas.


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