Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit  and President William Ruto

The administration has been encouraged by Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit to reconsider the campaign-era fulfilment pledges, saying it's time to be practical about what can be done.

"During that period, they promised a lot of commitments, and we recognised that most of them were impossible."

"When Azimio and Kenya Kwanza made their commitments at the moment, it seemed as if, whoever wins by October, Kenya would seem like heaven because the pledges suggested that everything was in order," he said.

According to Sapit, the administration needs to pick which commitments it can fulfil and dismiss those it can't.

"Everyone's backs will be broken if we push too hard to fulfil our commitments when we are aware that we lack the resources to do so. You'll even hurt your back trying to make anything happen that you know is impossible," he warned.

President William Ruto has been at centre stage, giving false hopes to Kenyans.

At the beginning of the year, the head of state promised cheaper gas; however, he changed his position, saying he meant the cylinders only.

That is an example of one of the many promises the president has made with no success. The cost of living has been a thorny issue.

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