kenyan man handcuffed

A 28-year-old man is accused of hitting his mother after she reportedly turned down his request to purchase him a phone in Makadara court.

According to reports, the suspect, identified as Peter Ngugi, hit and scolded his mother before making a head-slashing threat.

According to testimony given in court, Ngugi approached his mother, Teresiah Wanjiru, while they were both sleeping about the purchase of a mobile phone.

"Why are you behaving as if you did not hear when I told you to purchase me a phone?" Part of the court documents laid up before the judge stated, "I told you that I would chop off your head."

In response, the complainant told the defendant that she lacked the resources to fulfil his request.

The accuser then struck the person making the complaint in the mouth, causing blood.

She went to the Mathari Mental Hospital, where she received care and was later released.

Ngugi entered a guilty plea when appearing before Makadara Senior Principal Magistrate Eric Mutunga. The judgement date is June 9, 2023.

On another story, On Saturday, May 6, 2023, another building in Kiambu County fell, underscoring the ongoing risk that the area's citizens suffer at the hands of unreliable contractors.

Two people were living in the four-story, under-construction building in Kidfamacao, Kikuyu, and they have since been rescued.

Ronald Kirui, the Kikuyu police chief, said that the neighbours had also been evacuated as 70 others managed to escape the catastrophe.

According to Kirui, the authorities have started looking for the owner and any implicated engineers so they may be prosecuted.

This occurs only a few weeks after residents of an apartment block in Thindigua, Kiambu County, were ordered to leave immediately when the structure exhibited fractures in April.

Ten years after its construction, the five-story Jennid Apartments in Kiambu Sub-County reportedly developed small and significant fissures in walls, windowpanes, and slabs that were constant on all floors, forcing the county government to remove occupants.

The county's Department of Lands, Housing, Physical Planning, Municipal Administration, and Urban Affairs conducted an initial inquiry into the fissures, which revealed that a poor foundation was to blame.

Kiambu County Government issued a statement that, in part, states, "The cracks are linked to a foundation failure, and the county structural engineers have declared the building unsafe for occupation."

Salome Muthoni, chairwoman of the department's County Executive Committee (CEC), says further preparations to audit and assess structures' safety are in the works as a result of an increase in the number of falling buildings in the county.


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