Labour Cabinet Secretary Florence Bore
Labour Cabinet Secretary Florence Bore

The individual who owns the Ksh120 million mansion where Labour Cabinet Secretary Florence Bore is suspected of residing in Karen has been charged with malice.

Bore said she signed a purchase deal with Gatanga MP Edward Muriu and his wife Maria Muriu in a press release on Sunday, June 18, 2023.

The CS said that Muriu's solicitors had confirmed receiving the purchase agreement, at which point she sent 10% of the agreed-upon sum to the MP's solicitor's account.

"The news stories about the sale and purchase of a home in Karen involving me and a business connected to Hon. Edward Muriu have caught my attention. 

"I signed a contract to buy the property for an agreed and approved sum. As a result, I signed my portion of the sale agreement and sent it, through my lawyers, to the vendor's lawyers for their signature. By stamping on the forwarding letter, my solicitors, Muriu Mungai & Company (MMC Asafo), confirmed receiving the written agreement for sale," according to Bore.

"By the relevant provisions of the contract, I obtained a 10% deposit from my Sacco and sent the money immediately to the vendor's solicitors' account using RTGS. The selling agreement stipulated that the deal must close within 90 days of the contract's date of signing.

"We negotiated that I should move into the home while I sought a financing facility for the remaining amount, which I ostensibly anticipated obtaining within the 90-day transaction time.

Less than 30 days after the sale agreement was signed, the CS now makes assertions alleging the couple intends to evict her after receiving a higher offer for the home.

"Unfortunately, in an amazing turn of events, Hon. Edward Muriu and his wife tried to forcefully remove my children from the residence while I was out of the country less than 30 days after the agreement. Police had to be on the scene because armed thugs were following them.

"It is not only strange but also perplexing for a senior colleague to use my departure from the nation to launch a campaign of hatred rather than waiting to confront me when I returned. To illegally withdraw from the agreement," CS Bore continued, "the dramatised and sensationalised claims were made, purportedly because they had discovered a "better deal".

The deal was a private arrangement between an enthusiastic seller and a committed buyer, who were both legally supervised by solicitors. Therefore, the media pitch was unnecessary and unrelated to the deal.

On Saturday, after the police sent the accused contractor away who the Muriu family had hired to renovate the house, they got into a fight on the Karen property.

Later, when her purported first offer for the opulent residence was turned down, Mrs. Muriu accused the CS of attempting a violent takeover.

"Even the cops are being used by the female CS to carry out the scheme snatching. She is being forced to occupy the residence; therefore, dozens of cops have been sent to protect her," Ms. Muriu added.

Despite having been put on the market, the home in Amara Ridge, Karen, is registered under Mrs. Muriu and her husband.

Mrs. Muriu claims that the CS offered Ksh90 million, which was Ksh30 million less than what the husband and wife were prepared to accept.

"She visited my house two weeks ago and made us a Ksh90 million offer. She departed when I told her the least I would accept was Ksh 120 million," according to Mrs. Murio.

Mrs. Muriu said that the CS used their trip to another country to attend their daughter's graduation.

"I asked my entourage to go and make improvements in the house when we returned on Wednesday, but after much shock, the house was fraudulently occupied," Ms. Muriu claimed.

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