Concerning the dialogue report, Kimani Ichung'wah pulls Uhuru into Azimio.

Amidst reports that Uhuru Kenyatta was obstructing the Dialogue Committee's attempts to forward discussions, Majority Leader Kimani Ichung'wah blasted the former president on Monday, November 26.

Kimani Ichung'wah photo

Ichung’wah accused Uhuru of leading the front in Azimio in opposing the report’s resolution. 

He said that to sabotage President William Ruto's efforts to clean up his mess, the previous president was purposefully directing the opposition.

“Well, There it is on the talks saboteur. TWO MEETINGS to scuttle the talks!?
Uhuru Kenyatta, As president, you spent 10 years leading the nation. The highest award that any country may give its citizens. 

" In the process, you used state capture to ruin our country and economy. Is there anything more you would like? Why undermine the effort being made to rectify your mess?"  Ichung’wah pondered.

"Why can not you allow those who possess the courage and intelligence to clean up your mess to do it in peace?

"There is nothing more PETTINESS than to dread that someone else will succeed where you have failed.

"Kenyans, not the people you want to see fail, will be the ones who triumph when we do. Accept it and move on!” he said.

The Kikuyu MP expressed these feelings in response to stories that said Uhuru, Eugene Wamalwa, and Martha Karua had disapproved of the report.

Wamalwa, a member of the conversation team, objected to signing the report because he thought it did not address ways to reduce living expenses.

Additionally, Karua insisted that the study had fallen short of its expectations, publicly rejecting its conclusions and recommendations.

Raila Odinga, however, said that he will consider it thoroughly before declaring his position.

Ruto, however, promised to carry out a number of the report's suggestions.

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