On Thursday, November 30, 2023, UDA-nominated Senator Karen Nyamu formally introduced her motion to ban Aluta Sunday.


Karen Nyamu on Senate sitting

Nyamu demanded an explanation from the committee of National Security, Defence, and Foreign Relations while standing on the floor of the house in regard to an increase in Aluta, a prevalent practice comprising the sale of alcoholic beverages and other substances, as well as socialising and revelling past the designated hours.

Nyamu argued that Kenya should adopt the revelling culture prevalent in developed nations, where nightclubs cease operations at 2:00 a.m., motivated by the passing of an acquaintance she met on campus.

Nyamu enumerated five concerns in her submission that the committee ought to tackle in their statement.

Nyamu requested that the committee ascertain whether the government has any strategies in place to combat the increase in unregulated clubbing and revelry beyond the prescribed hours.

She demanded exhaustive information on approved bars and taverns, accompanied by an in-depth description of whether or not these establishments pose hazards to the surrounding area.

In addition, she requested that the committee outline government initiatives to ensure that establishments that sell alcoholic beverages adhere strictly to the hours of business mandated by law.

The statement should also include the government's intentions to prohibit and regulate Aluta activities, according to Karen Nyamu.

She instructed the Senate that the committee's final deliverable should be the following: "...describe a governmental effort to tackle the increasing proliferation of wine and spirit establishments in residential estates and ascertain whether legislative deficiencies exist with regard to the regulation of alcohol consumption."

Nominee senator Gloria Orwoba advocated for the motion, asserting that although regulations are essential, parental guidance regarding alcoholism and substance abuse is paramount.

"While endorsing the oversight of alcoholic beverage sales and nightclub operations, I implore all parents to cease delegating the responsibility of 'parenting' to others and fulfil their official duties."

Orwoba emphasized that the decisions parents make directly influence their children's decision-making process. 

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