A derogatory narrative that Edgar Obare, a prominent blogger from Kenya, posted on his Twitter account has been served with a 24-hour ultimatum to remove it.

According to city-based lawyer Mwenda Njagi, Westwick College owner Christina Lewis is requesting that Obare take responsibility for his tweet on January 26, 2024, stating that she is a US convict.

"Obare must remove the tweet right away, or else Lewis will initiate legal proceedings against him."

"My client, Madam Christina, has instructed me to take legal action against the blogger in question for publishing a defamatory story about my client on his Twitter account. 

The blogger in question has been summoned to apologise and remove the story from his account." Mwenda made the statement.

The lawyer claims that Obare's comment on his Twitter account was unwarranted and nasty, and that some of the emails and details in their hands were intended to extort money from his client.


Yvonne Mugure photo

"If the story was true, why didn't Obare seek additional information from my client beforehand before publishing an unwarranted declaration that my client is a fraudster? We have additional information in our custody about the conversation that took place between the suspected student and this blogger," the lawyer said.

According to Mwenda, they would also approach the head of criminal investigations about pressing charges against the respondent for cybercrime abuse.

On Friday, Edgar Obare's verified Twitter account said that they had tracked down Yvonne Mugure's "Billionaire" mentor, Christina Lewis—a convicted investment fraudster who had just moved to Kenya.

Edgar Obare and Yvonne Mugure 

Meet Yvonne Mugure’s “Billionaire” mentor Christine Lewis, who is a convicted investor fraudster, who relocated to Kenya. She has been sanitizing her image ever since and opening businesses in Kenya.

The case is public record, read the full proceedings on the US government website

Fake billionaire Christine Lewis operates Westwick College which trains CNA nurses and promises to take these students abroad at a fee from KES 400,000 - 1,000,000. 

Nurse Judy exposed them a few months ago that they weren’t accredited.

Christine Lewis and husband Hon Wamboka Wanami speaking at the graduation of students at Westwick College.

Yvonne Mugure defended her "billionaire" mentor Christine Lewis, despite evidence of her defrauding investors.

Yvonne Mugure then decides to threaten the students exposing Westwick College and diagnoses the victims as having mental health issues.

Different students of Westwick College have been messaging me since December accusing the management of not fulfilling their obligations to take them abroad despite paying them between KES 500,000 and KES 1,000,000. 

Westwick College is making former students sign NDAs to receive refunds, after failing to take them abroad.

Christine Lewis sent her lawyer Mwenda Njagi to hold a press conference and issue an ultimatum to take down the story and apologize in 24 hrs.

Several other students came forward to share their experience of attending Westwick College operated by Christine Lewis and Yvonne Mugure.

" If you are a victim of Westwick College please share your experience with me privately or comment, the management needs to be held accountable."


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