Unbelievably high numbers of vaccinated individuals worldwide are now being diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, according to information leaked by an epidemiologist and cardiologist of international renown.

As stated by Dr. Peter McCullough in a recent interview, an unprecedented surge in the number of positive HIV test results in highly vaccinated nations worldwide has been attributed to the experimental Covid mRNA vaccines, according to a cumulative total of nine peer-reviewed studies.

Conversely, McCullough elaborated that the injections do not transmit HIV; in fact, the situation is even more dire for those who have received the vaccine.

Positive HIV diagnoses are, as McCullough explained, the result of extremely compromised immune systems among those who have received the vaccine.

One would anticipate that the mainstream media would acknowledge this as an indication that the COVID mRNA rollout is significantly flawed. 

In contrast, the mainstream media is endeavoring to obscure the information regarding mRNA and perpetuate the massive cover-up of this crime against humanity, as opposed to reporting on the nine peer-reviewed medical research articles that were published in prestigious journals.

McCullough elucidated that individuals with immunodeficiency are responsible for the positive test results after the mRNA injections.

Due to the increase in vaccine-acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (VAIDS) that the vaccinations induce, vaccinated individuals' immune systems are entirely compromised. 

As a consequence, individuals become infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), which progresses to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), as you are presumably informed.

A substantial number of vaccinated individuals are currently testing positive for HIV, as evidenced by the fact that mRNA injections utterly degrade the human immune system, as demonstrated by nine peer-reviewed studies.

However, instead of acknowledging immunizations as a critical and lamentable error, the ruling class is intensifying its efforts to further undermine immune systems.

Bill Gates is sufficiently enthralled by the devastation to have mRNA vaccines developed for every conceivable disease. 

While delivering a lecture at Davos to the local populace regarding his recently introduced and highly profitable line of toxins.

Bill Gates on COVID-19 jabs causing HIV

How did Gates successfully obtain regulatory approval for his revolutionary new line of experimental mRNA vaccines targeting every conceivable malady, including HIV, by chance?

Undoubtedly, he finances the regulatory agencies. Additionally, he finances the mainstream media to obstruct critical examination of his malevolent globalist agenda on the international stage.

"We shall ensure that he is held accountable for his participation in the great deception, as new evidence concerning the offenses of the global elite emerges each week."

Researchers from Cambridge University in Britain discovered last month that over 25% of individuals who received mRNA Covid needle injections experienced an "unintended immune response caused by an error." They phrased this finding in a highly diplomatic manner.

25% of those who received the vaccine experienced "an unintended immune response" due to a malfunction.

Megyn Kelly revealed that she, too, was among the unfortunate few, receiving a diagnosis of an autoimmune disorder shortly after ingesting "the damn booster."

The mainstream media did not cover the fact that one in every four vaccinated individuals now has a VAIDS, although these reports are entirely sponsored and paid for by Pfizer.

Anxious audiences may begin to scrutinize the propaganda that auto-cue-reading news hosts feed them after a certain number of presenters have passed out in the studio.

Before the general public recognizes the potential benefits of heart failure, accelerated cancer, and stroke, how many young, healthy individuals must perish from these conditions?

Before individuals concede that these incidents never occurred in the past, the number of cardiac arrests that occur during games among ultra-fit professional athletes must reach a certain threshold.

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