Prince John is sobbing after taking his girlfriend for introduction and later she got married by another man after their wedding was postponed. The terrible event occurred when the guy from Mount Kenya was supposed to marry Sylvia Mbeere in November of this year.

Prince John and Sylvia Mbeere

John disclosed that Sylvia had been unfaithful to him without his knowledge. He was still cheating, even when he presented her to his parents.

"You take her home for an introduction, like, how is it possible to be dating someone?" You also visit her house to get to know her. You're taking premarital classes together and getting ready for "Ruracio," he said. 

"You learn that she has been having an extramarital affair with another guy after we set a November wedding date. I've learned this information before; the first time I did, I was severely wounded.

"As you may recall, around a month ago, I asked for your prayers, although I didn't specify why. Yaani, I can't believe I gave it all I had."

Prince John and Sylvia Mbeere

On Facebook, John lost his cool.

According to John, Sylvia exploited his generosity by sprinkling decomposing eggs on his entire face.

"Why did you have to exploit a man who truly loves and cares for you?" I am not a bad person, but I seem to encounter women who take advantage of me constantly.

Prince John and Sylvia Mbeere

"Everyone has a breaking point, even the toughest people. They are not suddenly feeble, however. It just indicates that they have been pushed too far."

Sylvia was not affected when she learned that the wedding had been called off.


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