Busia border in Kenya and Uganda photo

A man from Busia faced difficulties after his wife intended to divorce him on her graduation day, despite having earned a bachelor's degree in criminology courtesy of the husband.

Masaba Wamalwa opened up about the ordeal with his wife, with whom they have stayed for over 8 years.

Masaba faced a rough time after receiving a letter and other documents from his wife demanding immediate divorce on graduation day, as new details emerged.

According to Masaba, "Alice Wafula wants to leave me after struggling for four years paying her university at one of the top universities in Uganda." I won’t let her go.”

Masaba, who hails from Busia, was shocked, despite having two children with her. The lovely wife extended an invitation to Masaba to attend her graduation. However, things did not turn out as he expected.

Masaba had already contacted Kiwanga Doctors after he battled a land case and won. After receiving divorce threats from his wife, he contacted Kiwanga Doctors again.

Masaba decided to seek the help of Kiwanga Doctors on  +254769404965, who are the best traditional doctors in East Africa and Africa, to help return the glory of their love.

Just as it happened, the wife confronted the newly acquired man, a university professor, and denied his association. After the graduation ceremony, Masaba took his wife home and threw all the divorce papers in the dustbin.

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