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“I go through scripts with wife” Lenana Kariba on filming cosy scenes on Single Kiasi, Showmax


Single Kiasi on Maisha Magic photos

Digging deeper into Lenana Kariba’s previous roles, you’ll discover that his characters have always had a mysterious and somewhat mean streak to them. In “How to Find a Husband,” he plays a young chef who is determined to win the heart of Sarah Hassan’s married but unhappy character, Carol.

In “News Just In,” he portrays Simon, a charming new hire at a TV station who is just as conniving as he is charming in his attempts to seduce his news editor.

In “Single Kiasi,” which is now back for its third season on Showmax, Lenana plays Nick, a local celebrity who enters Rebecca’s (Faith Kibathi) life with an air of mystery and charm before everything goes wrong.

Single Kiasi on Maisha Magic photos

In the interview below, we caught up with Lenana, who shared more about Nick, his comeback for “Single Kiasi” Season 3, filming intimate scenes, and more.

First of all, congratulations on fatherhood, albeit a little late. How has the journey been so far?

Thank you so much. Being a dad is fantastic, and it’s something I’ve always wanted in my life. Our daughter Ava keeps us on our toes, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Right now, I’m still in the easy stages, as Ava is only nine months old. Fatherhood has taught me about life, and it has shown me that I can function on less sleep than I thought.

Let’s talk “Single Kiasi”: we last saw you in Season 1. It must be great to be back.

Of course, it’s great to be back. I’ve had so much fun shooting Season 3, and I feel like we’ve been able to develop the character and show more of Nick than what we got in Season 1.

Did you always know you were going to come back, or were you caught by surprise like the rest of us?

I wasn’t sure, as the way Nick’s story ended in Season 1 was kind of going out with a bang. I’d had a great time shooting that season, and I was okay with the possibility of that being it. But then, when I got the call about Season 3, it was a no-brainer for me. I didn’t need to see the script or anything like that to agree, as I knew whatever they had planned for Nick would be epic.

Nick didn’t leave the show on good terms with Rebecca, and you broke many fans’ hearts. Why should we root for him this season?

Without giving too much away, Nick was misunderstood in Season 1. You’ll have to wait for the comeback to understand exactly why, but, of course, everyone should be #TeamNick. More and more will be revealed about who he is, so there will be less mystery and more insight into his world this season.

You and Faith Kibathi seem to have good on-screen chemistry. How has it been acting alongside her?

We have tremendous chemistry; she is an incredible actress, and it has been a pleasure to collaborate with her. We already knew each other before “Single Kiasi,” which I think helped us bond on screen. But honestly, when you’re working with someone that talented, it will always look good.

What’s the secret or tip to nurturing good on-screen chemistry with your co-star, especially in romantic settings?

There is no secret I can give other than that, in romantic scenes, you need to be completely vulnerable in front of the camera. The person you’re working with has to do the same to make it successful. Being an actor requires you to be very open to anything a script might throw at you, so it’s not for those who are shy or easily embarrassed.

S^x scenes are some of the hardest to do. How did you and Rebecca make it so believable? And is there guidance from the directors on set?

Honestly, s3x scenes are not even the hardest ones to do. They are all choreographed by the directors, as they have a vision for exactly how they want them to come out. The actor’s job is just to bring out the emotions to make it look real. There is nothing s3xy about having three cameras and multiple people watching you act out a s3x scene.

Single Kiasi on Maisha Magic photos

How does your wife feel about these intimate scenes with other actors on-screen? Do you guys ever discuss the show? And do you watch it together?

My wife and I always go through scripts together before I shoot anything. She is the most understanding person when it comes to my job. She supports my career 100% in the same way I support hers, and she’s all about Nick and the things he does. We watch “Single Kiasi” together, and now it’s our weekly plan again as the new episodes drop.