Kenyan politicians knows only how to eat.

Kenya has been in the fight against graft, it seems the corruption level keeps on increasing every day.

The major scams that happened in the country were golden berg then anglo leasing and now of late the NYS and Kazi Kwa Vijana funds.This has placed Kenya in the dark side of corruption.

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The least corrupt countries are the one around Denmark.Denmark is the country with least number of graft in the world.The country with the least graft in Africa is Botswana.

The worst countries with graft are S.Korea and Somali.

Kenya is in number 125  four countries below Nigeria at 120.The results that were taken by transparency international shows that Kenya is among the corrupt countries in the east Africa after Rwanda and Tanzania.The governance and fight against graft in Kenya are at 25% and good policy for graft prevention and others at 25% while Botswana is Close to 65% good governance.

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