A person pocketed condoms for use during Valentine.Today was a great day as leaders across the country urged peace and love. Leaders from HIV council took a good time to educate youth about AIDS.

As tomorrow is a day for the lovers, AIDS council took the necessary precautions as most of the youth will engage in the pleasure.They distributed Condoms to the youth and educated them the importance of it.

It was a great day as people across the world are preparing for Valentines. Tomorrow Will be on Sunday as people of Christian  faith will  provide their full love to God and their neighbors.From today Keep CONDOM in you plan.This was a great message from Kenya AIDS council.
Many people are aware of the pandemic, but its ignorance, they do. This council said that it will keep on reminding them as it is their mandate to provide civic education and other facilities to facilitate the ones who are affected and protect the ones who are not.

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