Corruption use money in any ways.[Photo : George]
Money which goes into little individual pockets.
Now it's evident that the long mouthed northeastern MP is now hanging on former Devolution cabinet secretary Anne Waiguru fate.

The really Jubilee's foot soldiers have been into the graft allegations. These are Hon. Senator Kipchumba Murkomen and Kenya parliament majority leader Hon. Adan Duale.

The two honorable members are now looking forward to former Cabinet secretary Anne Waiguru to save them against the swinging bat.

The two who always talk defending Jubilee's graft structure are hooked and now swimming on top of the NYS scheme net.

Two companies which belong to Hon. Adan Duale and one more for Murkomen are on the spot over the scandalous deal.

The only one who is a bit good and a bit clean person is only the President because their wealth belongs to the family and it's the former president Who is the father of the nation, Kenyatta fought for that and for his children.

Let's look at the journey of now called jubilee government for the past three years. These few examples will make you mad at the government.

Deputy president, William Ruto before joined jubilee and created URP was a minister of agriculture and he had a scandal in the agriculture ministry about importing and exporting Maize while the now so called president had 96million computer error.

These two created a collaboration and made the current government. They promised laptops so as the pre-primary could understand as early as possible how to come up with computer errors.Eventually, they realized it was lollipops.

Deputy President Ruto did not stop and proceeded with graft and he landed on Karen land that made  Former cabinet secretary Charity Ngilu resign for the scheme. The president talked tough words against corruption and He forced others to resign.

Still on Deputy president, after he landed on Karen land, he then flees to Lang'ata primary school where he grabbed land and built a hotel. All this happened while he had a case at ICC.

These were just a few cases of the deputy President. As he dashed some money from the government and grabbing land others were also very busy schedule how to follow suit.

The next helicopter of corruption landed with Former Cabinet secretary Kazungu Kambi over Tassia project on  the NSSF scandal.Without even a wink another one landed on the standard gauge railway with Former Cabinet secretary Eng.

Michael Kamau. Millions of shillings went missing on just planning how to implement the standard gauge railway project.

Another Boeing, Airbus of the graft was loading passengers in the United Kingdom, that is  Eurobond. The Eurobond money went missing in mysterious ways with no clear records of what was done with the money.

The results were, Just leaders playing with words to the 'Wanjiku' as others from IEBC eating chicken in Holland and England together with some KNEC officials.

While forgetting that the maize at Galana Kulalu irrigation scheme was dry and the water and irrigation  Cabinet secretary Eugene Wamalwa was busy watering them for Wanjiku to eat.

At this time, the President was busy praising his former Devolution Cabinet secretary, Hon. Anne Waiguru for the hard work she did. She was very loyal to the President even when other Cabinet secretaries boycotted some president's meetings.

Another Airbus of corruption called Jumbo Number plates NYS900M was on-board. Captain was Peter Mangiti one of the Devolution ministry officials. He provided a procurement document that surprised everyone.

The document had crazy prices on some commodities that were procured by the ministry. The president did not believe if that was really serious on the beloved Cabinet secretary.

Now it's evident that the beloved one was on the steering as the pilot and Josephine Kabura as the air hostess serving the Jumbo passengers Hon. Adan Duale and Hon. Murkomen. We know these passengers were not two, but as time goes on the list will be updated.
It is the money for the ordinary person in any republic or government.
Money for the common Mwananchi.

Without forgetting the governors, who are the drivers of the county bus as they are dedicated to buses, not Jumbos.

The Makueni county government broke into pieces while others lost their lives due to chaos from two areas of the county bus. Here was the driver Hon. Governor Kibwana and Conductor Hon. Senator. Kilonzo junior all of them are fighting for pride against the passengers who are the Makueni residents.

While these two fighting for their pride, others were busy building a 10million school gate, riding and driving 100 thousand shillings, one wheelbarrow, 40M shillings painting and planting grass in Nairobi for Pope and Obama, more than 500M renovations in Moi teaching and referral hospital, constructing a 30km road in 2months which had potholes after post 2 months, building 400M governor maisonette in Kilifi and buying a Ksh.3000 per bar soap in preparation for El Nino rains.

Others were really fighting for their seat by all means. Senator Moses Wetangula was smoking BAT products as described by Hon. Adan  Duale, Martha Karua was rolling the BAT products and at the same time, Nairobi Governor was with Justice Philip Tonui Confirming that Governor Kidero will remain in the seat. Aisee "Kweli pesa si ya mama yako Bwana".

Without forgetting the football fans, funds were being held and Harambee star players at one time did not receive their pay at a club. In Mombasa, the national team was locked in a lodge due to a debt owed by the lodge owner.

The football in Kenya was really at a fast dying speed from the graft done by the sports president and his team officials

When all these  were happening others were just barking on the sides. Senator Muthama was near to be unclothed when he barked over the president's affair with Former Hon. Cabinet Secretary Ann Waiguru. Nandi MP Charles Keter was near to lose his seat, barking over the major NYS scandal.

The former prime minister was very close to being caned again over the  Eurobond saga.As they bark on sides Hon. Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho businesses got closed at the port of Mombasa by a directive from the government implemented by KRA officials.

These are just a few stories and hopefully, they are many more stories than these. Like this story of Justice, Tonui threatened to spill the beans if there will be a constant follow of the case that involves Governor Kidero.

All these things are what did God provide el Nino, at least, people could wash their sins and clean the government and the country. But it's not the case.
What title will you give if all these things happening in Kenya were in a Movie. E.g Fast and Furious, Corruption Focus, double2017, David and Goliath, The one, die fighting etc.

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