Men are yet to be made as its always a cry to women. This is an always saying in "w omen’s talk."

A Women like a man who has a good sense of humour. A person who will pamper her with good hymns of love and prosper. Someone who has the heart to forgive and die for in protection. A real human who understand humanity and what it entails.

A couple walking tirelessly from work.It happens in the streets of major towns across the world.
It's in every lady who wishes to date a responsible man. Men recently have shown a very serious problem of being irresponsible. Now you might be asking yourself about responsibility.  A responsible man is a man who knows what to do in marriage. Who understands in all terms, willing to spend and protect what is his. Not a jealous husband but who does all best to his woman.

3.Good in bed.
How good in bed?Is it spreading your matrimonial bed or someone who does not have nightmares? It's a big "No", being good in bed is when a man is willing to explore, learn, read and try various methods of lovemaking. This does not mean just pushing your manhood into the womanhood but how to make feelings start and end peacefully just my using blurred tools given by almighty.
It involves a lot of effort and commitment for both satisfaction. Gentle treatment makes women crazy over you.

Women like someone who has a plan for their journey in marriage or courtship. Someone who has a vision in their life and willing to be guided and grow not someone who only dwells and counts on the money.

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Ladies like a smart man both in presentation and thinking abilities. They always look for a unique feature that they can shine in front of other ladies. Someone who will teach her some lessons in a good way, who also handle things in a grown up way.

A man who talks facts and thinks everything before uttering anything. The one who has most of the answers even if they are complicated.
If men could understand what women like then the issue of money would be of the past. Nowadays women have been empowered and have money too, so the only true and real love experience women need is what is missing. Getting the right person and characters is real hard and need proper scrutinise before making up the mind.

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