Making love in the morning has a nice feeling.Why is it making love in the early hours of the morning is highly recommended?  There are enough scientific and casual reasons that are mandatory to stay to morning s*x.

Morning s*x make your mind so active due to lack of enough blood to be oxygenated. This makes a human body look for areas where there is a lot of de-oxygenated blood hence activating all tubes that pass blood and keeps cells active. That's why the couple could feel so light after the morning glory.

"Morning glory" changes mood especial if it is from your heart desire. Music and glory go hand in hand as it makes love making process enjoyable. It's healthy when making love from sleeping as everyone concentrates on the process.No stress or bother from anyone and it's a day's pill.
For those who get stressed due to days up and downs, it really recommended as a source of stress relief. Those who actually do whole heartily in the morning have higher chances of getting a baby boy when they conceive in those morning hours of glory.


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