Empty supermarkets and its a day close to Valentines.
Valentine is on the door and people are preparing for who they love.Lovers night prepared in every club across all major cities in the world.What is this for?Why do you love and prepare that lady for life and only waiting for valentines day?The reason behind this is all through the year people are busy on their activities, at least, this day will remind those who left for greener pastures and left others dying for love.
Empty supermarket close to Valentines day 2016.

It's a high season for people to go to supermarkets, restaurants and other various malls looking for gifts and book all sorts of manner to refresh and nourish the valentines day.

But this season compared to last years' valentine, Most business people are not happy with how the customer number has relatively reduced.The customer percentage representation who visited the supermarkets is likely to be 10% compared to 16% last year.

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Many people are suggesting that Kenyan government has real oppressed its citizen and the high-cost cost of life.The majority of Kenyans said that their standards of living are too low so that instead of celebrating Valentines, they will struggle to put food on the table for their young ones.The government insisted that the National gross domestic product has increased due to the rise and increased the number of middle-income class hence making Kenya Move to a middle-income country saying the average person in Kenya earning close to  Ksh.10000 per month.

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