Roads that were left for long time without being finished.
Jubilee  government strategy for 2017 is to show that the opposition does not have powers to rule or be in the government.This strategy will allow jubilee to do all means and ways to get back to power. It's the same strategy Former president Mwai Kibaki used to get power back until they shared power.Famously known "Nusu Mkate"

Cord strategy is to get into power as they have been in the opposition for a long time. Since ODM to CORD they have been opposing the government and all those days and now they vowed not to do anything in case something happened in 2017 the CORD principals said in Malindi campaigning forMr. Baraka  Mtengo Member of parliament aspirant.

There have been corruption allegations that the government is hiding money for the general election. The government through its respective party officials, sources said they have  squandered Billions of shillings for the campaign. This person has been misusing government resources to help them in the campaign.
Parties have been sponsoring youth and create gangs which will use in the general election. The Inspector General of Police Mr. Joseph Boinett said that they have evidence and they are aware of all plans. Some of the groups recently were used in Malindi to disrupt CORD campaign and were sponsored by Kilifi North M.P Hon. Gideon Mung'aro and it was from jubilee wing.

Political and social norms are really targeted from the parties. The Kenya political culture is known for only electing people who have influence and money.

CORD zone is the area targeted by the government and focuses on building one country.The government forgets that 90% of the government employees comes from only two areas in Kenya.Out of 44 tribes, the 90% comes from only two tribes.The government focus on building one nation while the leadership focusing on my people from the village.
Government projects unfinished.

Government projects include; Galana project, laptop and standard gauge railway are the main n focus for the elections.Now  what will happen if the projects will be incomplete? That will be the structure of getting back to power and squander more.All  these projects it is speculated that a lot of money got lost somewhere unknown that lead to some Cabinet secretaries sacked.
Infrastructure in the areas that are done by-election is real terrible and people are hoping to get the best from the aspirant. Malindi sub-county is nowhere to be seen as the area has bad roads and areas are inaccessible, low-income earners are not able to facilitate their business model and only waiting for the higher income earner to employ them.

The other senator election in Kericho is really terrible as the government is losing is track to KANU aspirant.It's really frustrating for the jubilee coalition to lose both seats as it's the litmus paper for the general election.The guys from jubilee said are willing to steal votes and get back their people into power, CORD principles said In Malindi.
Kanu reviving is a threat to Jubilee administration. The old party is really struggling to divide the rift votes and end up with fewer votes for Jubilee in the largest Kenyan region. Deputy President William Ruto have been really struggling to unite the community band be on his side.

When Jubilee losses the two elections then it will be a very big blow as this will test the importance of the government in those two areas. As it is looking forward to having a good rapport with the ordinary citizens, it will be difficult to gauge the level of acceptance from its people.

Government failure due to corruption has real lost trust from its citizens. A government that borrows money and let it in individual pockets is what many Kenyans feel that getting back to form a government again will finish the country. These thoughts came from the jubilee members of Rift Valley region and they vowed to give KANU instead and Pesa Mashinani Parties. That's the bitter truth of 2017 elections unless they use other means.

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