Its a bed at a house hold that show fathers leadership at home.
The important thing in marriage is love. Some are confused about how to get the best way to express love. Love, it's just starting good words and the word Love it. If you have a partner and does not speak love, then something is wrong somewhere. It's the feeling of being included by someone's heart. Make your children happy and feel there is no gap between parents and them.

Make love
For a good husband and a leader in the family to be respected by the wife, then bed matters should be taken seriously. It's scientifically proven that a family that make love once or twice a week lives happier and enjoy life than those who make love everyday or once a month . It's also proved that best days to make love is weekends, then especially in the dawn hours. This research was conducted in US by California University for about 5 years.

For a home to be great,the essential thing is to create friendship and family friendly environment. This environment will enable all the other members to express their interest and views freely and hence provide better and robust family. A good husband is the one who more friendly to the children and the wife. Friendship creates openness in the family.

An open and frank family is nice to have. No stress at all because everyone knows what is happening there. A family that grows in open minded like to share ideas. An open father provides a critical feature in inbox he family, especially when it's a trouble. The family knows the critical areas of life when there is everything and when there is nothing. A good husband is the one who is open to his wife and accept criticism 

A good husband is the who provide for the family and no murmuring for less or no family expenses. Not only providing essential things at home, but availing yourself at home.  Providing physical support, mental support and your body to the wife.

Leading the household structure is heavily dependent upon the contents of your life as a husband. The life that everyone  need is a life that is safe from external attack. A good husband protects the family against external family attacks and the wife from other snatchers by providing quality and good care about any matter relating to the family.  Protection can be physical and mental and most of the spiritual protection is important as the head prays for his family.

Leadership is inborn, not the one found in schools. As the head,husband acts as the main pole for the house. It always holds the other structures of the house. Despite protection, a husband must also focus on leadership and become a role model to his young ones.

Honest and faithful.
Honesty and being faithful is the key issue in the family. When children learn to be honest they grow and knew to be thankful with activities rendered to them. Being faithful grows family confidence in any way. The confidence and trust that the family will acquire will help in all matters encountered by the family.

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